From my time at Capitol Records, a magazine for the label BluRoc Records. My appreciation for this particular swag stems from the fact that Curren$y wasn’t a big time artist but he still had an entire magazine dedicated to an album of his. This is why I always pegged Dame Dash as a creator. No matter how famous or known or unknown you are, you can still celebrate all your life’s accomplishments in a big way.

Also, everything now is so digital. All content for albums, mix tapes and so on are all digital media based. As a photographer, there still is no greater feeling of printing out my work and holding them in my hands. This visual magazine is beautiful, an actual printed text interview and a cool day in the life type feel to the photo journal. This is photo journalism, this is physical art content. #weneedmore 

Will be doing a series on various small businesses in cities I live and visited. I appreciate the small business aspect of communities. It can really be the heart of a place and help build communities. In so many areas I find people can always reminisce over a specific shop that’s been around for however long. These are the members of the community that build the culture and serve us at the same time. It’s a beautiful thing and I hope to be a small business owner in my community one day.

Hometown Hero’s: Bizzaro’s, Melbourne, FL

The Original Bizzarro famous NY Pizza serving New York style pizza since 1992. Family owned, family operated.

To start things off, in Melbourne/Palm Bay FL Bizzaro Pizza. The specific spot in these photos is right on the beach and gets much love. I will say being from the Northeast the Bizarro Pizza is the closest I’ve come to REAL pizza in the entire Florida. This family started out with one restaurant and then opened multiple pizza shops through out the Melbourne and Palm Bay area bringing NY to FL.